BeOS Engineer, Haiku OS & Google = Google OS ?

Berikut kutipan menarik Wawancara SCALE (Gareth: Gareth Greenaway) dengan Tim Developer Haiku OS

BGA: Bruno G. Albuquerque (Developer Haiku OS yang juga Google Engineer)
Kokito: Jorge Mare

Gareth: So you’re working for Google now, correct?
BGA: Yes. I have been working for Google since September 2006. Which is pretty cool as lots of ex-Be engineers work there too. 🙂
Gareth: It seems like a lot of open source developers are gravitating to Google…the next VA Linux But hopefully with a happier ending! 🙂
BGA: Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 🙂 …

2 pemikiran pada “BeOS Engineer, Haiku OS & Google = Google OS ?

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